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About Me…

My name is Alice Elgie, also known as Wandering Alice. I’m a writer and yogi passionate about simplifying life, slowing down and exploring connections between nature and self.

Within this online space I share words on life, death, and everything in between, lead seasonal journalling courses, and offer mindfulness practices that encourage us to delve deep.

In my quest for slow simplicity — and greater opportunity to live a life true to my heart — fifteen years ago with my husband, one-year-old daughter, and our doggie, we sold up and left our secure income to go in search of a different way of living...

This adventure has seen us travelling in vans through Europe, wandering the UK by narrowboat, living in a yurt in the Scottish Highlands, a smallholding in Central Portugal and a bijou house on a Greek island (amongst other things!). Right now we split life between an off-grid caravan in the UK and a small farm cottage in the Corrèze region of France.

As a writer I enjoy weaving these experiences into articles, short stories and poetry and as a yoga and meditation teacher I love to share the practices that bring a sense of deeper calm and meaning into my own life, with others.

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Recently I decided to forego social media and focus my energy on the slower space of Substack. It feels more suited to my personality and so here is where I am now choosing to dedicate my energy in cultivating deeper connections. I would love for you to join me so that together we can nurture a beautiful space and walk alongside each other — more mindfully and slowly — sharing this life’s journey.

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You will receive one heartfelt, slow and nature-inspired story in the middle’ish’ of each month — both written and recorded — along with my gratitude for your valued presence.

For £5 (or any currency) each month “Slow Members” get full access to these monthly stories along with:

A short nature-inspired journalling course for each season
Poetry and nature reflections, along with journalling prompts and a group sharing space. Let’s slow down, notice, and tap into nature as a way to explore our deepest thoughts and dreams.

Monthly pre-recorded mindfulness practice
This might be a guided meditation, video ‘walk & talk’ with me on a subject to get us all pondering, or perhaps a gentle yoga class. On occasion I will also host LIVE gatherings/practices on Zoom.

Other goodies as our community grows
I’m thinking 'Yoga Motivation Weeks' and 'Journalling Jumpstarts' to support each other on our life’s journey.

Thank you gift!
As a monthly member you will receive 20% off any future pre-recorded and live (online) four-week yoga/meditation class packages I put together. 

Thank you for your valued connection and whether you are a free or paid subscriber, please know that I am so grateful for your interest in my offerings. I hope we can get to know each other on a deeper level.

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